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your window & door requirements with a large variety of products in Aluminium or Timber (Western Red Cedar, Meranti & Rosewood). Select Window Installations also offers a new 6 star rated composite window & door which is made up of aluminium externally to meet the harsh Australian climate and warmth of U-PVC internally called thermAL.

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Five Step Selection Process:

  1. Frame material
  2. Type/design/configuration
  3. Glass
  4. Internal finishes and external finishes
  5. Flyscreens

Changing the configuration or style of windows and doors can change the way you use various rooms. Bring the outdoors inside with the modern trend of outdoor living and consider our stacker or bi-fold door and window units.

Design & Style:
Design, colour, style, size and shape of windows and doors can enhance the charm and character of your home, both inside and out.
The look and feel you want for your home can be created with just the right amount of natural light, the right design and colour and shape.

Energy Efficiency:
When changing windows and doors, it’s a good time to consider the efficiency of the window and the door system. This can extend the amount of ventilation and insulation in your home.
Select Window Installations can offer a 6 star rated window and door with the right glass selection. The thermAL range consists of aluminium externally to withstand the Australian sun and U-PVC internally to provide a thermal break.
A cool breeze in summer is refreshing and staying warm in winter is essential. With Australia’s diverse climate it is important to consider the best design options for your location and individual needs.

Noise Reduction:
With population density in our cities and towns increasing, noise concerns are a growing problem. Glazing and frame options allow the transmission of troublesome noise to be reduced, thus creating a more habitable environment.
Windows and doors can often be the weakest link in the isolation of noise from the outside a home. Since sound is energy, effective barriers must have mass and density and a low resonant frequency to stop or reflect the energy.

Safety & Security:
Your family needs to feel safe and secure, so it is essential to use locks and frames that will deter unwanted entry and select the right type of glass. Security screens that allow you to have ventilation as well as security should also be considered.

Maintenance Costs:
Another consideration in changing windows and doors is the opportunity to reduce ongoing maintenance costs. This therefore enables your home to look fresh and tidy without constant maintenance chores.

General Appearance:
Last but not least, the appearance and the value of the home can be improved considerably by the right kind of window and door replacement.

With cities popping at the seams more and more people are living right on the perimeter of bush reserves. Select Windows offer a BAL40 rated (bush fire attack level) window and door that are equipped with Pyro-protec seals and toughened glass to enable them to withstand up to 40kw/m2 of heat flux (CSIRO tested). This gives protection and peace of mind that your windows and doors will withstand extreme bush fire conditions.

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