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All jobs over $20,000 (including GST) require a certificate of insurance under New South Wales Government Legislation. Even if your job is under $20,000 you should ask the contractor if they have been approved with an insurer for HOW Insurance.  Insurance companies have strict financial controls and if a contractor is not eligible for insurance this may be an indication of their financial position. Select Window Installations provides job specific insurance for all jobs over $20,000.
This is entirely up to the individual, you are more than welcome to go to work or stay at home and watch the craftsmen at work.
No. The installer is equipped and trained with a checklist to check over the materials and products before taking out the original window/door. One of the checklists criteria’s is to check that the new window/door will actually fit in the opening.
This all depends on the magnitude of the rain and the combination of the wind also. In light drizzle as long as the Select installer has an area under cover to work, the job can continue. In the event that the rain is of concern and the job cannot take place, the Select installer will notify you first thing in the morning if the rain has been ongoing for a few days the night before.
This varies with demand throughout the year. Our standard lead time from the day we have all the appropriate paper work and financial requirements sorted is 4 to 6 weeks. The thermAL range however is made in Bayswater, Melbourne and takes approximately 8 weeks. At certain times of the year, particularly in the lead up to Christmas, the lead time for all products will be longer.
Flyscreens are up to the individual and if you don’t require them you will not be quoted for them as set out in our not included requirements. Flyscreens can also be ordered at a later stage if you decide in the future that you have changed your mind. The only product that requires a separate screen adaptor is a stacking door that needs to be stipulated prior to production..
The only thing left to do and this only applies if you have timber windows, timber reveal linings or architraves, is paint.


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